Point of Sale Systems

POS System Benefits | POS System Features

Roy Henry & Company (Gold Coast) are proud distributors of the Idealpos Point of Sale System. The Idealpos Point of Sale System has been refined over a period of 15 years with continuous development, putting it ahead of other systems.

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POS System Benefits

Achieve More Efficient Operations from:

Stability and Reliability, essential for efficient operations
Ease of Use for staff at the point of sale, resulting in faster customer service, less mistakes and lower training costs.
Customisability of the POS System and layout means that it can be programmed to suit your methods of service, your individual processes and your particular operations.
Inventory Control allows setting of minimum stock holdings, with reminders and reports to avoid running out of stock and to make ordering simple.

Increased Revenue and Lower Marketing Costs

Customer Database and Loyalty System, enables you to capture customer information through the point of sale to market via email or SMS. This assists in knowing your best customers spending habits and in bringing back customers who have not visited for a while.
Promotions, automatic promotions make it easier for staff at the point of sale and can be used to drive revenue and reduce stock holdings.
Rewards and Vouchers, use rewards for your frequent customers and vouchers to ensure customers keep coming back. It is far cheaper, from a marketing perspective, to keep existing customers than gain new ones. The Idealpos point of sale system provides many ways to do this.

Protect Your Income

Comprehensive Security Features, to protect your hard earned income. Every transaction can be monitored or you can filter down to just certain transactions, some examples would be Refunds, Voids, Discounts and No Sales. The Idealpos point of sale system will tighten your controls dramatically.
Integrated Real Time Inventory Control, tells you your stock on hand of products at any point in time to protect from theft

Lower Cost of Ownership

Longer lasting hardware gives a better return on investment. Older/cheaper style touch screens have a plastic exterior to the screen itself which wears poorly. Our terminals have waterproof (IP66), hardened glass screen. The stand and housing is all metal cast and far stronger and superior to others with the plastic housing design.
Non bezel frame means no accumulation of food particles over time, which will stop the screen from working and increases down time and servicing costs.
Ease of Programming, lowering your cost of system ownership and enabling flexibility of customer offerings

The Ability to Make More Informed Business Decisions

Reporting Abilities, with over 50 reports in the point of sale system that can be sorted, filtered and automated, providing valuable information in an easy to read format, providing simply a more efficient way to manage your business

POS System Features

pos system table-mapsTable Maps

  • Allows easy tracking of tables
  • Reduces mistakes
  • Reduces the number of staff needed
  • Can be customised for your layout
  • Improves service

kitchen-printerKitchen Printers

  • Customisable printers set up
  • Send food orders to kitchen and drink orders to bar
  • Thermal printers are quick and quiet

kitchen-monitorsKitchen Monitors

  • Easy to read in busy times
  • Never lose an order
  • Increase efficiency of the kitchen

point of sale system reportsReports

  • Over 50 reports
  • Schedule printouts and email reports
  • Break down sales into departments for better management
  • Full financial reports

clerk-securityClerk Security

  • Reliable and accurate clerk login
  • Reduces mistakes
  • Tracks who was working and when
  • Assign different security levels of clerks
  • Protects your business

pos system customer-loyaltyCustomer Loyalty

  • Easy tracking of customers
  • Quick and easy login/logout
  • Improves customer base
  • Increase profits

barcode-scanningBarcode Scanning

  • Increase efficiency
  • Manage stock easily
  • Improve sales speed

point of sale system stock-controlIntegrated Stock Control

  • One of the best stock control systems on the market
  • Fully included in regular price
  • Fully integrated into the system
  • Increases accuracy of stock control
  • Reduces error and increases security
  • Allows you to see what is popular

employee-logEmployee Log

  • Tracks staff hours
  • Helps with organising wages
  • Improves efficiency of your business
  • Saves you time

eftpos-integrationEftpos Integration

  • Fully integrated so staff don’t need to enter prices
  • Reduces chance of incorrect price entry
  • Quick and easy process

point of sale myob-integrationMyob Integration

  • Add on for your system allows you to keep all your business on the one system
  • Export to myob rather than having to enter it separately
  • Save time and effort


  • Integrate into the system
  • link with prices for easy calculation
  • Satisfy legal requirements for your business